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Default Re: If Communism is the plan, why was it opposed by the US during the cold war?

It has to do with the Hegelian dialectic process of thesis vs antithesis. You create different extreme points so you can have a synthesis in the future. In this case, the Illuminati wanted some kind of fascism, a strong state under their hands, like communism, with private propriety (for them, of course)...something like China is today.

So they funded communism and attacked it at the same time, in order to militarize the West, create the military-industrial complex, create a police state, etc...very useful indeed. When the need was gone, they just said that communism doesn`t exist anymore. ..he he the same time, they infiltrated all kinds of communist ideas of State control in the American society, especially in the universities, all funded by the big tax-free foundations.

It is this mix they want, the worst of two worlds. Communism gives them the power and the State, capitalism gives them the money.
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