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Impressive: 4800 posts in about 400 days (what else do you do?)

BlueAngel wrote:
which word ?

The point would have been that while Makow was living it up, there were people in Canada who tried to fight marxism; but he doesn't want to know(write) about them; as if everything was discovered when he discovered it.
In the '70s, '80s, '90s he showed no interest in the subject (of course, in those days there was no fame and fortune, and no conspiracy industry)
So whence the sudden interest in the subject ? Why don't he state the source of his new-found wishdom ? (if he did, he would have no claim to fame)

Ron Gostick organized the Canadian Intelligence Service (not to be confused with Canada's spy agency, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS), published a weekly and a monthly newsletter; sold books like "Pawns in the game". In one of the Revelo Oliver recording he is the one who introduces Oliver in Toronto.

There is an other threat on the forum about misguiding agents Rense and Jones (and others) who are leading the people to nowhere (and making good money in the process)
In the early '90s, starting with the book "God's of Eden" conspiracy became a respectable subject and received its own section in the bookstore. "God's of Eden" simply copied and pasted other people's work into one volume and presented it as something brandnew. Conspiracy books became as popular and as profitable as Sherlock Holmes books a century earlier. Money and fame attracted the wrong crowd. It was Micheal Corbin who developed the concept of paranormal radio, but he was not in it for the money, so Art Bell & Co. (no seekers of truth) stole everything from him and made it big with Dreamland and Coast to Coast.
Rense (Art Bell and Gary North) made a bundle on Y2K, and in January 2000 went on with their business without batting an eye.

Long before Jones became interested in the Bilderbergers the "Spotlight" published articles/reports on them when they met. Spotlight was put out of commission, Jones is loaded.

Riley and Kleist couldn't care less about the subject, learned everything they knew about it from Linda Kennedy, yet today they are the stars of GCN, and are pocketing large from the 911 industry.

I wrote on this forum before about how people do not know what they are for and against. How can you accomplish anything that way? And these conspiracy cheerleaders won't tell their customers what exactly is marxism, NWO. So, obviously, their purpose is not to educate, upgrade the people and defeat marxism, but to impress the ignorant and sell them books, DVDs and make money. Conspiracy is a product to them that sells.

My choice words on the conspiracy industry, the plagiarists who are its stars, and the stupid dumb animals:
True History From The Venerable Eustace Mullins | Wake Up From Your Slumber

In 1988 there was already a plan according to which Canada, U.S. should join in 2005. Lo and behold, in 2005 the three amigos met and signed an aggreement:
Shelley Ann Clark -- Free Trade
I like your analysis on Makow, I don't like your assesment of the NWO, first of all Marxism is indeed a huge part of the NWO IDEOLOGY. but certainly not the main objective. Your probably not a Christian, but, if you did some research on True Christianity, which does'nt exist almost, you would see that it was CHRISTIANS WHO STARTED THE ENTIRE "CONSPIRACY MOVEMENT" you can go back thousands of years to read how CHRISTIANS wrote about the present day CONSPIRACIES permeating the world today. Of course most of the numbskulls in the present conspiracy minded movement of today will never mention this, and that is because they have been brainwashed into actually believing CHRISTIANITY is evil, of course many branches of that belief system are indeed evil, but none the less most of todays CONSPIRACY THEORIST just all of sudden woke up after 911! They got "hooked" on conspiracies by the various NWO SHILLS, and for the most part they will never SEE THE TRUTH. But, at least there is power in numbers, I think the PTB ARE GONNA HAVE A HELL OF A TIME TRYING TO COME UP WITH ANOTHER FALSE FLAG, what with all the eyes and ears on them.
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