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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

CrownEagle says, "I remember making a posting earlier on a Catholic Father that I knew in India, who can actually manifest Light coming from his heart when he reads the Bible. I consider only people of such calibre to be truly qualified to teach others about Christianity."

If you seek out or you are impressed by such 'signs' then you need to know that even Satan can manifest as a brilliant 'light.'

His power domain is replete with supernatural 'signs' and 'wonders' which are deceptions meant to snare the biblically ignorant.

Do you not know that Jesus WARNED US IN MATTHEW 24--THREE TIMES--TO NOT BE DECEIVED during the end times?

How foolish some of you are. I've told you over and over that Satan is a deceiver and many of you are easy marks for his schemes because you do not know the word of God. If Satan has some of you under such deception NOW, while we are still living in the age of grace, then just wait until the Beast (antichrist) is unleashed!

Many of you will gladly take the 'mark of the beast' because you'll allow your eyes to further deceive you as he performs false miracles. You'd better get your noses into the word of God and I mean fast!

Have you not heard that we battle against "principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the air?" Ephesians6:12

Do you not know that Satan is called, "the prince of the air" and that it has been given unto him special powers to confuse and amaze men with his supernatural powers?

Jesus said that those who "seek signs" are a wicked and perverse generation.

CrownEagle, if you allow the supernatural 'signs' such as a "light" eminating from a man's chest, then you will serve the Beast in the future because you believe your eyes and not the word of God.

But I assure you, your eyes will deceive you and if you take the mark of the Beast, you will perish.
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