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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

Why do people say the Jews run the world, you ask?

Because they do.

It ain't a secret.

There was a portion of land carved out for the Jews to relocate to in the Middle East after World War II. A place they could call home. Provided to them by the Zionist Jews who run the world; the Banksters, the powers that be, so that the lesser breed could be further persecuted and used as pawns.

In this way, to speak negatively about a JEW because they have been persecuted all of their lives, is to be anti-semitic; therefore, to say that JEWS CONTROL the world is to be the same.

It's hush, hush.

The Zionist Jews wanted a stronghold in the Middle East (rich in oil) and this is how they achieved it.

Israel is the almighty in the Middle East just as America is the bully around the world.
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