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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq

Thats Right Ahmad,

Your vane thoughts will never go further and you can keep jumping and ignoring the questions which need to be answered.Just keep on repeating yourself...

Obviously you havent read well enough.
Ive never said i rejected the the miracle of the 19..WIth exeptions offcourse.

I do reject the dirty hands trying to take out verses from my book.
Again read carefully, this is the punch line.
If i did accept the 2 verses in the Quran were false then i would have to beleive that Allah could not keep his word of protecting the Kur'an.. This in no way can i accept.If Allah did not will for the 2 verses to be there it wouldnt have been.
Wake up Ahmed..youve become a transgressor and a fanatic..the knowledge you have aquired has vanatised you so far that you reject your very foundations.

Allah subhana we teala is most mercifull, Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Aleyhiwe sallam is the prophet and servant of Allah.

My Allah guide us all to the right path.
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