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Default Re: new world order (commandments)

when the oligarchy puts Bill Clinton as United Nations secretary general and (Shillary) as president in 2008, they will ram this NEW-WORLD-ORDER 10 commandments down Americas throat.
1.thou shall have as many GODS as thy wish.
2.thou shall make as many graven images as thy sees fit.
3.thou shall take the lord thy GOD name in vain.
4.forget the sabbath day.
5.exploit thy father and mother to no end.
6.thou shall commit murder in thy GODS name.
7.thou shall have as many sexual relations as thy wishes.
8.thou shall (take) what thy sees fit to have.
9.thou shall report thy neighbor to the authorities.
10.thou shall covet and take all thy neighbors possessions.
Don't count the WITCH QUEEN (Shillary) out yet.
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