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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

"You can't shove your belief down people's throats."

Nor am I trying to. Acceptance of Christ as your Savior is a voluntary action. But in these days of wickedness, ignorance and deception, with Christ's return nearing, there is no time to coddle the lost with sermons that don't convict them of their sins and their need for Christ.

"I mean, really do you think what you say is SO brilliant that I will suddenly fall over backwards and "realize" you're right, even if I DO agree with you?"

I've never thought of myself as "brilliant" nor do I have any particular persuasive powers. It is the moving of the Holy Spirit of Christ that must convict you of your sins and your need for Him. I could write a million words but I can't move your heart; only the Holy Spirit can do that.

Draken, it is NOT my responsibility to see that you accept Christ. That is your decision alone; neither the Lord nor myself can force you, nor would we want to see you forced. You must come to the understanding that you are a sinful man and be convicted in your spirit that you need Jesus. My job is to toss out the seeds and pray that they take root.

Jesus gave an excellent sermon about the various types of "soil" that the seeds fall upon. Some soil takes the seed and sprouts; some soil is rocky and will not accept the seeds; while other seeds sprout a little and then die. (I urge you to read that chapter--I'll locate it if you like.)

"I don't even know if you are who you say you are!"

Who have I said that I am? I've admitted that I was an utterly wicked and sinful man who strayed away from Christ for a long time. I have returned to Him and I serve Him only. I am trying to follow the 2nd law that Jesus gave--"Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

If I didn't love you, and others on this forum, I would not spend any time telling you about Christ. The wicked don't care if you perish--but I do care about you and your eternity. Why? Because when one realizes all that Jesus has done for them, they cannot help but tell others about Him.

I don't want Satan to take you into hell with him. I would like to meet you one day in paradise so we can celebrate together. Will you be there?

Jesus told those who would follow Him, that we are to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and then the end shall come.

If you doubt anything that I have told you, then by all means dig out your Bible and see for yourself if what I've said is truthful or not.

Read the book of John; that's a good place to start.
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