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Default Re: The Television Trap

Originally Posted by Zedra View Post
Answered in my opening post.

Television is a mind trap. Why do you think the world toddles around after one another, conforming. conforming to what? Who decides what the masses should conform to, and how do you think so many simply fall into line? It's not the nature of man to accept without questioning, and yet that's exactly what people have become. Thanks in no small part to television.
I just wondered how it is television monitors people, as you said?

As far as controlling.


Television is their main source of "programming."

How do they monitor people via television, as you said?

I will give people the benefit of doubt.

Insomuch, as there are still MANY who conform to their own thoughts and resist that which is thrust upon us 24/7.

Mankind has not yet given up all hope completely.

There are many of us who still think without their interference.

YOU are not being attacked.

You have just been asked a question.

That's all.

When you respond it is for the benefit of everyone who reads this site.

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