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Default Re: Kid arrested for bringing glass of water to Schiavo

Gentlemen it appears that we are in unison on the abject evil of this government-sanctioned murder. Let's stick together on this, ok?

If you really care about little Terri, why not bombard the Pinellas Park police with a few calls about their complicity in the starvation murder of this poor woman, Terri.

Ask them if they feel good about arresting small children and entire families who wanted to offer Terri some water.

"I was thirsty and you gave me water; I was hungry and you fed me. Whatever you do to the least of these among you, you do unto me," said Jesus.

I called today and read a Bible verse to some pathetic wretch in that stenched-filled police department; the woman laughed at me and hung up.

Is it too much to spend a few cents for Terri and let these godless police hear from America?

If you don't want these nazi-like murder-accomplices to have your number, hit *67 before dialing.

Non-Emergency (727) 541-0758 or (727) 544-1411
Administration (727) 541-0760
Community Complaince (727) 541-0753
Crime Prevention (727) 541-0761 or 541-0944
Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) (727) 541-0762
Police Records (727) 541-0765
Police Recruiting (727) 541-0861
Volunteer Information (727) 541-0805 ext 4729
Traffic Tip Line (727) 541-0884
Vice and Narcotic Tip Line (727) 548-TIPS (8477) or 541-0784
Seniors vs. Crime 727-541-0892
Victim Advocate 727-541-0766
Police Training Section 727-541-0727
Youth and DARE Services 727-541-0764 and 541-0864
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