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Clinton acknowledged the so-called experimentation on "unwitting" American citizens in his V-clip that is posted on this thread.

As I've stated, my father's family had connections to the Mafia.

I was sexually abused at home.

Surely, with the CIA's connection to the Mafia, this was well-known and they knew I was a prime candidate for "mind control" and their pornography rings.

I was already capable of compartmentalizing/fragmenting.

Talent scouts arrived at my elementary school.

I was identified as gifted and placed into MKULTRA/Project Monarch. A special program, they said, for the highly intelligent.

I spoke about the abuse in this program.

I was made to appear schizophrenic.

The military, CIA and Mafia were already involved with me so my father gave 'informed consent' for me to be taken to military installations and universities where they would study me, try to help me. Oh, they were looking for a cure.

Lucky me!

WE didn't have the money to afford the "right" doctors who could help me, so said my father.

The military and University Hospitals have the best doctors in the world, he said.

My second grade teacher was in the military.

She left her teaching job and relocated to Germany.

She appeared at my front door step when I was older and my memory afterwards is blank.

She was wearing her military uniform.

Obviously, she had access to military installations.

After recalling my abuse at the universities and military installations, I would again be forced to return.

Did my parents believe me?

Perhaps, to a certain degree, but they were very sick people, as well and most probably wanted me to keep my mouth shut for fear of what the Mafia/CIA might do to the rest of the family.

They couldn't kill me, so attempting to leave me brain dead was their next best option.

My mother always said that she had to nurse me back to health and that I was in a worse state of mind when I returned from the military/university hospitals than before I was taken there.

Someone intervened and I don't think it was my parents.

My visits/torture were discontinued until I was "tricked" into a Witness Protection Program, as I've written about when I was a teenager and waiting until I was no longer a minor in order to bring this matter forward.

At present, the biggest obstacle I had to overcome was the fear of speaking publicly about my incarceration and being whisked away and tortured again.

The memories are horrendous and when they come, I must remind myself that I am HERE in the present and not in the past.


When I was food deprived and then fed small amounts, my physiology would change and I would be tortured immediately thereafter so that subconsciously, I would be afraid to eat even when not in their hands, for fear of being and/or reliving the torture sessions.

A mind control tactic to silence one by starving themselves to death. They could have attempted this while I was under their control at the military installations/universities and then reported my death as having starved myself.

This, too, has passed.
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