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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

I've noticed that this thread is recieving a lot of hang time, and I couldn't help but chime in.

I do not have a problem with women working, leading prayer, being in public office, etc.

The problem I have is that women recieve what they think is preferential treatment by the government in America. The zero tolerance bullshit and all . . . I don't care who you are . . . anybody is capable of desrving a smack. But men normally won't do this . . . I know I won't. If I were to slap my wife, her head would probably twist 180 degrees. But back to the point . . .

It seems that every law being put on the books these days is designed to make money for the state, or for lawyers, or both. A zero tolerance policy means that if your neighbor heard you yelling at your wife because you came home to find her fucking another man . . . the husband goes to jail until the trial is over. If a husband goes to work all day while his wife is home being a prima donna and fucking the pool-boy, I believe it should not only be the husbands right and privlige to slap her around, but it should be his duty to do so. What kind of unappreciative bitch gets all her bills paid, the clothes on her back, the roof over her head, and any other expense she could think of incurring paid for . . . to have an excuse like 'I'm bored' to go cheat on her husband? When the fuck did 'I was bored' become a vaiable excuse? If a guy does it, he has to leave his own home and pay half. If the woman cheats, the man still has to leave home and pay half. How is this beneficial to society?

Ya know, this country is going to get so bad one day, that all the people in the surrounding states about washington d.c. are going to storm the white house one day, and lynch all of these motherfuckers that are turning our society to shit. I'd be more than happy to coordinate any two teams into the place, as well. I have paramilitary infiltration/asault experience . . . it may be in just paintball, but I have more wins as a leader than losses.

What we need to do here is the same thing they did to that French queen . . . they took her out and took her head off. We need a mob to go in, get the president, and bring him out to the white house lawn and set him up on the guillatine. And then we have to send a message to all these would be politicians . . . "Fuck our life up by voting for your interests instead of ours, and we'll cut your fucking head off."

The people of this country need to go on the offensive here. the problem is, 'nobody cares.' How can a white man fight alongside a black man when the blacks get preferential treatment via affirmative action? The black man is digging this, and wont fight. The Mexicans and other Latinos feel special as well for similar, albiet different reasons. And women can run around rampant, doing whatever the fuck they want, because its good to be a bitch these days. Its not the rest of the people that typically see this as a problem . . . it is, yet again, time to "Take up the White Man's Burden." Except this time, we're not taking the rights from 'savages'. . . we're trying to get them back for ourselves.

There is no peaceful means by which to do this . . . because the enemy is hostile. He has hostilly taken over this country. He is hostilly repressing us all, and hiding it in the guise of 'this is good.' He is hostilly policing us and driving us broke with his taxes, and fines, and court costs, and medical fees. He controls the corporations and the government. His name is Satan. And, unfortunately, we've allowed him to have too much power to be talked to or ignored. We have to beat the shit out of this monkey that sits on all our backs.

Either this, or it would seem that America is going to fall flat on its ass. America is going to be defeated. The corruption in the government goes up so high, and so far, that our prime directives are all fucked up. Since when do we give foreigners free education, and turn our backs on our own kids? (which is another point I want to make.)

Someone said to me that there is no such thing as a free education that we pay for for foreigners. Sure there is.

Hindus and Filipinos come into this country. They get school loans. They then graduate and go back to their country. They then take our work from us via outsourcing. Then when the bank tries to collect the debt from little Hadgie, he curls his nose and gives the bank the middle finger. There is nothing the bank can do . . . the bank is here, and the kid is there. In effect, the bank has to find a way to fill in the void thats been left in its precious bottom line. So it takes it from Americans in the form of high interest rates, ATM fees, and they resort to this Universal Late payment bullshit (READ UP ON THIS IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE CREDIT CARD! Bisicly it means if you pay one credit card late, all of the credit card companies that you hold in your wallet can each charge you a seperate late fee for each card you hold. This is the TRUTH, people!)

I'm going to close out saying that,

Ahmad, although I applaud you for being able to get down on your knees and stick your ass in the air in prayer and have not a single violent thought in your head, you cannot get an absentee landlord to fix a heater. God has allowed the Devil to reign on this earth. It is our job to denounce and destroy him. We cannot leave it up to God, because this is OUR test to take, not His.

marypoppinz, I know your intentions are to make life safe for your kids . . . but this is not enough. We all have to make life safe for all of mankind. So lets not just stop with the child molesters . . . lets get all of these corrupt bastards and bitches, shove a glass rod up each one of their penises or pussies, and smash the glass inside. The problems your kids are having are not the only problems in the world.

And anyone else that thinks I'm off the deep end here . . . SHOW ME ANOTHER SOLUTION . . . and not just a suggestion . . . show me something with some thought behind it . . . show me a plan with a 5 year period of projections, then a 10 year period of projections.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't pray to God. But we cannot ask God to fix this. We made this mess. Satan didn't do this . . . he needed US to take the suggestion. He needed US to ACCEPT him. He needed US to let down our guard, so that he may posess our thoughts and our deeds. And how do we prevent any deadly disease from overtaking society? We have to quarantene it. Gues what? Our entire federal hub is loaded with it, and every corporation is a festering boil that distributes it. Wh must either kill the disease, or we must cut off its power supply.

Now we can educate as many people as we want . . . and its true that knowledge is power . . . but we must exercise that power. We must know the difference between the innocently ignorant, and the flat out abusers of the system. And then we must know who to destroy and how to do it. That is the only way we can stop this shit . . . and there will be many casualties along the way . . . but its something we must do for the perpetuation of the species, and we must also do it this way in order for us to be able to evolve into the next level of our biological destiny, as written by God.

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