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Another PM from fuckoff:

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America sucks


BlueAngel Wrote:

I'm here, JIMBO, alive, walking this planet, a survivor of MKULTRA/Project Monarch and for that I am THANKFUL!!!

Mind Control is a SUBJECT of great concern to me because it involves more than just "programming" a slave for some future mission.

When one thinks of mind control they usually equate it to a Manchurian Candidate. That does not even cover the spectrum of what is involved in their programs; particuarly Project Monarch, which is trauma-based.

I know that government conspiracies are real. I know that our government is corrupt. Both parties. So, if that was their goal for my future, I have no allegiance to either.

I have allegiance to my country. The America that should be!

Maybe people do lie to themselves to mask the reality that they lived, but as far as mind control victims are concerned most times the reality that they lived is so horrific that blocking it was the only way they survived.

THEY DO NOT REMEMBER and, therefore, are not lying to themselves or anyone else. They can have dozens of alters. Psychological warfare ensues.

Coupled with hypnosis, electricshock, drugs, sleep, water, food, sensory deprivation, etc., etc., etc., false memories implanted doesn't really allow all of the REAL memories and the entire picture to evolve once a victim/survivor is triggered into remembering their past abuse and incarceration in one of these programs.

Trauma too horrible for the mind to endure is FORGOTTEN. Compartmentalized. This, the only way for mind control victims to survive the abuse. The brain's self-defense.

I was replying to NOMAD about the "Whiz Kid" and just making some general remarks as to memories I have as a child that seemed to parallel his experience. I was interested in his story and the fact that he was institutionalized because he was a threat to THEM and not himself.

I'd ultimately LOVE to interview him.

JIMBO, I'm 48 years old...soon to be 49. I only uncovered this past life of mine about four years ago.

That, my friend, is the essence and depth of mind control. The victim is unaware for decades that they were sujected to such vicious manipulation, control and abuse.

When the memories surface, the question remains for those who are alive and were not killed or snuffed out in porn films. WHY?

I admire Henry's work. And, by the way, I say "Oh, Henry," like the candy bar.

I know that there are many more like him who have been working behind the scenes for decades to uncover this CULT.

I am open to feedback and any answers you may have are certainly welcome!!



This post contains bullshit, America sucks


Alrighty, then.

Anyhoo, the only bs this post contains is about Makow.

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