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What a bunch of Sheeple. Especially Seth Ruffer.

Because Springsteen is a Democrat, the FANATICS believe that our country's problems are due to the REPUBLICANS only.

As if a Democratic President can or ever has saved us from the "powers that be."

Kennedy tried and he had his brains blown out.

Clinton helped by giving us a false sense of security.

Spend, spend, spend.

Democrats and Republicans who hold positions of power are equally to blame.

Both parties have helped to escalate America to the dire position that we find ourselves in at present.

Because the people have no power.

The Banksters; the Secret Government does and our politicians are beholden to them.

Republicans (Neo-cons; Jewish Cabal) and a Democratic controlled Congress; those who are slaves to their masters, same as Springsteen are responsible for waging war and voting everything Bush and Cheney desire.

Corrupted along the way.

Blackmailed, as well.
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