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Default Re: Al-Qaeda Did 9-11

Hi gang, I'm new here and thought I'd weigh in on this.

I personally think Bush was behind 9/11. It may be unpopular to say but I really don't care. Lifelong oil man wants more oil and doesn't care what it takes to get it. makes sense to me on top of the WTC being closed the day before and security guards heard forklifts on so called vacant floors. Plus a few slip ups by the government. I also don't think that the hotels that have surveillance cameras that would have caught the pentagon being hit either accidentally deleted the footage but I do believe the CIA took the servers. This is why backing up your surveillance system can be handy. We use I just don't buy all this crap, bin laden if he is alive or not was supposed to be in Afghanistan so why did the USA go into Iraq?
Okay well there was supposed to be WMD in there but that was on false info, there must be a outside motive for this whole war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

9/11 was just bush's way of going into Iraq to get more oil for his piggy bank.
9/11/01 1st conspiracy I looked into, total inside job, I can't find anything to show me otherwise.

-roof top eagle-
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