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Default Re: Americans can't think for themselves

nohope187 wrote:
Hey DT291, What part a Tenne you in, man? I'm on the eastside between Knoxville and the Tokey, er uh I mean Smoky Mts. Yeah, my family thinks I'm fuckin' nuts, man. They fall right in line with that dialectical bullshit as they love listening to Neocon talk radio blaming everything wrong on the Left when the Right does the same damn thing. What the Left can't do overtly, the Right does covertly. Yet, another concept our fellow Amerikans will never understand. :-P
You're in the other part of the state I never seem to make it over to I live in Nashville.

I've yet to meet any person who I've talked to in person who will believe anything besides their government is made up of good people who care about them and that the media tells the truth. It's sad to see

On the patriotic bit you're 100% right about that. If you don't think you should go die in Iraq for the government and that the US is the only country in the world worth anything then people view you as weird. The brainwashing is just too much to try to undo for most. I by nature have never really trusted those in power but never really could put a finger on exactly why. I stumbled across Dr. Makow's writings and then from there was directed here. I lurked here reading for a while and recently joined up.
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