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From BTX, The Promised Land:

Post subject: Re: So I was in the food store today


Shiny Saw Blade wrote:
and wearing my T shirt from Ribgate. Some guy says to me...

"Bruce Springsteen, he's great, have you ever seen him?"

I replied, "Yes, a few times"

He comes back and says...

"He will never be appreciated as the artist he is until he is long gone."

I just found that very strange.


seekay wrote:

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Not that strange Shiny.
Death has always done wonders for a career. Think James Dean, Elvis, Lennon (and Lenin too!), etc.


I can't believe this poster is placing Springsteen in the same pot with James Dean, Elvis and John Lennon.

He doesn't even spell Lennon's name correctly.

Shows what he knows.

Elvis died a tragic death at the age of 42.

Lennon died a tragic death at the age of 40.

James Dean died a tragic death at the age of 24.

These TRAGIC deaths AT A VERY YOUNG AGE are the reason that their "heirs" have made a fortune on their namesake.

I have written about this on this thread.

Worth more dead than alive when they reach such a super-star status.

Springsteen is an old man, or at least looks like an old man and he has never and will never reach the epic proportion of star status that the aforementioned entertainers did.

They're just milking the cow for all he's worth and right about now, it ain't what it use to be.

So, they're gettin' it while they can.
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