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Default Re: government/hollywood propaganda

In order to promote war and get the youth involved in the philosophy of warfare, the movie industry is not the only culprit. What about the 'Illuminati controlled music industry'? which the KLF otherwise known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as the Jams, The K Foundation and have been fighting for the past 20 years.

Art Terrorism, Media Manipulation, Culture Jamming call it what you will but Drummond and Cauty (KLF) know how to push boundaries.

Are you not just being suckers for the global double bluff?

Organised chaotic rebellion.

Anyway, I digress,
Paul Hardcastle - 19 (really a statement of the horrors of the Vietnam war?)

Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Pink Floyd - Dogs of War
Stan Ridgeway - Camouflage

Oh F*ck it, here's a list of genuine anti war songs, and a question; If the 'Illuminati' controlled media (film, television and music) why would these songs be so popular?

Masters of War - Dylan
Working Class Hero - Lennon
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Ochs
When the Ship Comes In - Dylan
Political Science - Newman
Born In the USA - Springsteen
Bullet the Blue Sky - U2
Youngstown - Springsteen
Heaven is Falling - Bad Religion
Roll With It - DiFranco
Waltzing Matilda - Bogle
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall - Dylan
With God on Our Side - Dylan
Times They Are A Changin' - Dylan
Us and Them - Waters
Bravery of Being Out Of Range - Waters
Oliver's Army - Costello
Army Dreamers - Bush
Short Memory - Midnight Oil
U.S. Forces - Midnight Oil
Mothers, Daughters, Wives - Small
Covert Battalions - Bragg
Southhampton Dock - Waters
The Tide is Turning - Waters
Call It Democracy - Cockburn
Lives in the Balance - Brown
Strangest Dream - Mcmurdy
Vigilante Man - Woody Guthrie
War - Barrett Strong
Rockin in the Free World - Neil Young
Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley
Fortunate Son - Fogarty
Send in the Marines - Lehrer
Cops of the World - Phil Ochs
Work for Peace - Gil Scott Heron
Attack of the Peacekeepers - Biafra
How Long - Brown
Flowers of Guatemala - REM
Son Came Home Today - Bogle
Between the Wars - Bragg
Rumours of War - Bragg
Shipbuilding - Costello
New World Hawdah - Johnson
Imagine - Lennon
Bold Marauder - Farina
Don't Let the Bastards - Kristoferson
Fixin To Die Rag - McDonald
Sam Stone - Prine
One Tin Soldier - Coven
Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Universal Soldier - Marie
Don't Wanna Be a Soldier - Lennon
The Call Up - Clash
Bullet In Your Head - Rage
The Great Mandala - Yarrow
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