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Excuse me, Jeremy, but if Patti Scialfa had any control over Springsteen, in her absence, he wouldn't be displaying his sick desire to be groped by men, women and children while he makes his body accessible to the fans in the pit; or dance with little girls on stage or spread his legs in the faces of the fans in the pit so they can touch his crotch, along with the rest of his body parts; or kiss the hands of female fans in the pit.

If Springsteen had any respect for Scialfa he wouldn't be behaving as he does.

Obviously, they both have no respect for each other or themselves, individually.

They have proven this beyond a reasonable doubt.

Maybe Scialfa refused to perform during this leg of the tour and Springsteen thought this "sick" behavior would force her to return.

If you come back, I'll stop.

Quite frankly, I don't think he has control over his most recent "sick" actions on stage.

Personally, I just couldn't imagine being intimate with my husband if he acted in the manner that Springsteen does.

Public groping???

Very sick!

If the man displays this type of behavior in public, imagine what he's involved in behind closed doors?

Scialfa has learned to put up with it for obvious reasons, but, then again, they seem to be two peas in a pod from the moment they met.

Public affair and all.

It could also be that Scialfa doesn't recognize Springsteen's public display of exhibitionism, to a minor degree, as wrong, just as she doesn't recognize the lyrics to many of his songs as wrong because she doesn't see it as wrong.

Cause like I said, "two peas in a pod."

His lyrics speaks to the degradation of women as tramps; having sex with little girls; boys/men; hookers, etc.

Afterall, Scialfa does stand on stage with him when they duet "Red-headed Woman" and he sings about all of his other love interests from Mary to Wendy to Rosalita to Sandy to Leah to Maria, etc.

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