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A few responses to those on the BTX site who are trying in vain to defend Springsteen's PIG behavior and Scialfa's acceptance of it.

First of all, he was a PIG 20 years ago and long before that when he and Scialfa were having onstage, clothed sex with his current wife, Julianne, in the audience.

So, he certainly isn't a class act now and never has been and neither has Scialfa.

Secondly, he's a musician and to the poster who commented that it's part of his job and Scialfa knew this, you are out to lunch.

How many musicians do you know who open their legs so the fans in the pit can touch their crotch and grope their body parts?

How many musicians do you know who kiss the hands of female fans in the audience?

How many musicians do you know who are male and have a passionate kiss with another male musician in their band on stage?

How many musicians do you know who dance with "little girls" on stage?

How many musicians do you know who have written the VAST amount of songs that speak to sex with "little girls," men/boys, prostitutes, threesomes, 250 up the ar*e, etc., etc., etc.?

Not to mention Springsteen's violent, degrading songs and the too many to count songs about his infidelities.

He's not in a strip club, but perhaps that's where he belongs.

No. Not as a patron, but as an act.

As far as Scialfa, laughing at his behavior if she were there, what else can she do?

There aren't many musicians, in fact, I can't think of one who displays such SICK behavior while performing.

So, yes, Scialfa didn't marry a mechanic, but she knew WHAT she was marrying and it isn't because of his profession.

She accepts it because she finds nothing wrong with it just as Springsteen doesn't.

Case in point, "Red-headed Woman."

If you think Scialfa has any control over Springsteen; what he writes; or cares about what HE and SHE subject their children to, the evidence speaks for itself.

She accepts it because, otherwise, where would she be without him?

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