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Default Re: Kid arrested for bringing glass of water to Schiavo

Hi Ephi!

Listen, I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but *67 does NOT block your number for any government agency.
Maybe the receptionist of a government office won't see it, but where it is needed IT IS SEEN.
Plus, each number coming in is recorded, even when it is not seen.

I know of people that work in various areas of local and federal government, they have access to telephone numbers of calls coming in that might be threatening, and such.

Welcome to just a little bit of NWO, the picture is much grande!!!!

PS: I am one of the residents in Pinellas County that does SPEAK OUT!!

My name is on a number of petitions, etc. in regards to various issues.

PS: I know what it is like to be blacklisted.

Fortunately for me, I've been able to cut through some barriers when it comes to work, and other areas, as well as getting the same attention from police official when I need them, and to get my fair share to be heard. I am a human being, and a USA-born citizen. I make known that I want to be heard. Does this fail for me at times?? Yes! Do I try to step up to the plate again? Yes. Just like the "good ole boys" do. I don't sit on the back burner. I've been put there many times.

Is the NWO undefeatable? Let's just say, I feel we can still make a mark in regards to most issues.

Terry's case has been known for a decade to most.
But most were into there own daily lives, problems, "high", and other crap to do anything as a voice.

This does not just go for the Terry Shaivo case, but for all issues in regards to the NWO.

There have been too many sleepy heads, and they (for example) will not even boycott a product even when you tell them it is poisoning them and their kids. Sorry for such a example, but it is just to underscore.

So all due respect, you have a kind heart.
But for many, when their belly is full.....

Helen (get_real)
Got Truth?
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