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Default Abandonment

You have been abandoned by your CAPTORS. Your captors have gained maximum yield from your CAPTIVITY. Now, they have left you for the wolves to devour.....Yes, your government has abandoned you in the wilderness, NO FOOD, NO SHELTER, NO FUEL, NO CLOTHING, NO MONEY, yes, your all alone now, no-where to run or hide to. YOUR ALL ALONE NOW, Who will protect you from the wolves? What, you think your 'Phony Pagan God,' you know that one you conjour up everytime you so desire will rescue you? DON'T COUNT ON IT! I AM THE REVEALER! I have seen the APOCALYPSE, I have seen the aftermath, The Ghouls, " THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" A nation of Freeks and Ghoulish Monsters. Of course, one could say this description fits America in its current state. Look around you, look at all the FREEKS AND GHOULS WALKING around you, go to any WAL MART, tell me that I'm speaking the truth. HALF BLACK/HALF WHITE- HALF WHITE/HALF MEXICAN - HALF ASIAN/HALF BLACK- ETC..ETC.. A nation of FREEKS! inbreds! All the Obese and crippled, who will save them? ANSWER: NO-ONE!!! I lived through the APOCALYPSE, I saw the aftermath, I saw the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! GO AHEAD, mock my words, in the end, I'm always RIGHT. Look at what your captors have given to YOU for your leadership, A FREEKISH INBRED (OBAMA) AND A GHOULISH MIDGET(McCAIN.) YOU ABANDONED GOD, NOW YOU WILL BE ABANDONED!

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