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Default Re: Kid arrested for bringing glass of water to Schiavo

Far out, GetReal! I'm so pleased that you speak out for those who are weak and can't speak for themselves. You are walking the Lord's walk when you take up the cause for "the least among us." Jesus said that you will be blessed for such.

I only wish that 10,000 people would break those police lines and force those snakes into total chaos.

Thanks for the headsup on the *67. I suspected that the fuzz defeated the system--now I know!

I never say anything that the bastards can take out of context or fabricate into a "threat" anyway. I know the game and I always trust the Lord to lay my enemies low. And He always does.

This government is long overdue for some of God's righteous wrath and punishment, and I pray that God will bring it upon them. And He will.

But first, I pray that they will come to His truth and turn away from their evil. Yes, I pray for my enemies. Jesus said that we must and if we will do so, then He will deal with those who want to harm us.

There are many ways that the Lord can "mysteriously" work. He can take the health away from a corrupt judge. (Judge Greer is almost totally blind, by the way--both physically and morally.) He can bring death or suffering to a judge's children, or allow them to ruin their life on drugs, or be killed in a car crash.

He can unleash a crazed meth-head upon a rogue cop some night in a dark alley. Cops are especially vulnerable to God's wrath because it is God who sets them into places of authority in the first place; just as sets judges in their seats. When they abuse that authority, they are exposed to the world of darkness where violence dwells.

When a rogue government begins to abuse the citizenry and there is no accountability when that government errs (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Terri, and a thousand other abuses), then that government becomes ripe for God's wrath.

Be patient, sports fans--the coming months may hold lots of surprises for the wicked.
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