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Originally Posted by redrat11
You have been abandoned by your CAPTORS. Your captors have gained maximum yield from your CAPTIVITY. Now, they have left you for the wolves to devour.....Yes, your government has abandoned you in the wilderness, NO FOOD, NO SHELTER, NO FUEL, NO CLOTHING, NO MONEY, yes, your all alone now, no-where to run or hide to. YOUR ALL ALONE NOW, Who will protect you from the wolves? What, you think your 'Phony Pagan God,' you know that one you conjour up everytime you so desire will rescue you? DON'T COUNT ON IT!


Typical mindset of an abuser.

When you are incarcerated amongst PIGS, those PIGS become your saviors. You rely upon them to sustain your life. They can starve you to death. Torture you, etc. You learn to do as you are told.

They may throw you naked and cold into the woods at Grey Bull Lodge, if you don't behave.

You are isolated from the world.

They have control of your mind.

When I was on Springsteen's official site, I felt the same sense of isolation as in the past coming upon me again through their use of "triggers" and mind control because THEY know who I am.

This was a "red flag," needless to say.

I know when there is an attempt to alter me. That is what helped to save me from them having complete control of my mind in the past.

It is not unlike any other cult wherein the members become isolated from society.

You begin to fear the outside world and anyone or anything that is not a part of the "cult."

They wanted my complete surrender to them of my mind so they could cause me to suicide or become institutionalized.

They insinuated Springsteen had saved me from the cult.

I was told to give all of my love to Springsteen and him only.

This, an attempt to further isolate me from my husband and cause a destruction of my marriage in the hope that I would then be ALONE!

I had to stay with them and give all of my love to him and, as I have repeated over and over again, we would one day go public, because, after all, he was a witness.


What's love got to do with it?

If you saved someone from a "satanic cult," you must not be a part of it, but everything pointed to the opposite.

When they overheard my husband and I having sex and reported same on the site, they (HE) was out of there.

I had to stay connected to reality and not allow them to control me.

This took every ounce of strength I had then and in the past.

Otherwise, I knew I would again be incarcerated amongst abusers/pigs who would attempt to cause my self-destruction to save their souls.

The wolves don't eat me.

I devour them.

Rats are tasty, too.

Especially red ones.

I am Springsteen's worst enemy.

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