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Smile You have a new Community Manager!

Hey there everyone. I just wanted to poke my head into your forum and introduce myself.

So, hi! I'm justgroovy. =) (aka Shelly)

I have recently been added to Club Conspiracy as a community manager by the powers-that-be at Crowd Gather. Ryan has been given some additional duties with the company, so I'm taking over for him here.

Pretty much I'll be acting as a liaison between your community and the good folks at the home office. Feel free to contact me (either pm or email, through my profile link) ... I am open to any and all suggestions regarding Club Conspiracy.

If everything here is exactly like you want it to be, then great! It really does seem like this is a fun and interesting community already. I definitely don't want to fix something that doesn't need fixing, but I would like to hear from you if you think something could use a little tweaking or if you have thoughts on how we can get more people to join your community.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing from you!

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