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Default Re: The Catholic Church and Pedophilia

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
I didn't mean for him to walk out in his fancy priesty outfit to the corner of 47th and 11th to look for a "date" though I must admit the thought is a bit funny. He could easily throw on something else and spend some money to get laid.

Knowing that these creeps are out there taking advantage of little kids really pisses me off. Apologies? Please. They need to either change their rules or start screening. Or dissolve completely.
Yeah, you're right.

He could change his clothes, but, it still leaves him more open to being caught then when he sexually abuses a child within the CHURCH!

Most children who are sexually abused at the hands of adults are afraid to speak out about it.

Especially when a priest is involved.

This goes against everything that is taught in the Catholic Church.

Who would believe them?

Children, for the most part, are powerless against these predators.

They are threatened; although not their fault, there is a certain amount of shame that they harbor.

Exactly how I feel.


Sorry, but that doesn't cut it.

Clean out YOUR HOUSE you SICKOS!

Prime example of how abstaining from sex doesn't make one a saint.
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