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Lightbulb Connection? Half Million Plastic Coffins In Georgia & Flu Pandemic Hype

Sometimes when you start to put the pieces together, two seemingly unrelated stories come together and create a picture that is sobering.

#1) Have you seen the new stunning video of half a million plastic coffins in Georgia? Why would the government need so many coffins? You can see the shocking video here:

Shattered Paradigm: Half A Million (500,000) Plastic Coffins In The Middle Of Georgia - What Are They For?

#2) The U.K. government is warning of an "inevitable" flu pandemic that is going to kill 50 million people worldwide.

Oh....that is why the government is going to need all of those coffins. Even though the number of people dying from bird flu worldwide is very small right now, perhaps the government knows (or is planning) something that they are not telling us. What do you think?

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