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Post Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

Aside from the christians i just really don't get how people can buy into religion. I just don't get it at all. I mean even if you were into it and you were a good person, wouldn't it make you sad knowing that everybody (including me) are all going down to a firey inferno of torture for all eternity? Just because they believed something different? And what about Scientology? If you haven't looked into it you really should, quite amazing stuff (look up the RPF in scientology
Ah but you bought into a religious Occult your logic is circular!. Just some facts for you. Scientology is Occult in essence and has occult origins hubbard knew crowley and other OTO nuts like Parsons(OTO) involved in one the first terrorist attacks on US soil. You can look all this info up its all out there cyber space and bookworld.BTW no one forces you to be christian so why DIS all christians generically for their beliefs live and let live or are you not so tolerant.
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