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Default Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

Not all Christians are the same. Some are truly passionate, and a few are really super cool. Though I am not Christian, I understand your frustration as a believer in your own faith and/or opinion detached from the general understanding and accepted interpretations of the Bible..
Just remember, that we are all Gods creation. He made all that is good and he made all that is evil. He knows your lot in life and understands that everything has a place in existence. He knows you need assurance in God as well. He is very merciful and is like a Rock!
You can believe in him any way you want.No one can change you if you stay strong and just be you. I am not a Christian, but am a strong believer in God. I am me.

I was once a Christian, but after my own experiences with God and death, I have my own opinion, that I cherish and am proud have.I like to say that through a year and a half of online experience, I have come to see that there are many who believe in many different religions that are worthy of calling my brothers and sisters.Not every Muslim, Jew , or Christian is religious. Some of us are very spiritual, experienced and informed, from many angles of life. Its not a race or game for souls.Its a courtship of love and tender care. I think most of the Christians you speak of are just wanna be's(authorative) , there are many. But many are worthy of God , whether thay were chosen or not, because many(Christians) are the real human in all ways.
I can still have Jewish faith in God as the only one with a similar, but different interpretation than those of the Christians. By their own standard, they have no right to Judge. If they do...just brush it off, because anyone can call them selve saved, even the great darkness.No one has the right to demand your faith in Jesus.If they do, then they are most likely affraid of your own pace and pourpose of existng here on Earth. YOU ARE SPECIAL!
We are only manifest(possitive we are saved by our practice of involvement) at times..I am sure we are all guilty here and there of that. Christian or not..We all are sinners and intolerant overall.
I understand how Christianity can offend other faiths. Demanding or insisting that faith in a messiah that has been predetermined and that is only messiah by definition is what offends most who have a different ring racig through our ears or different beat within our hearts. You do have a right to deny Christ, and feel that Christians do not condemn you(but many will, its a nature of self centeredness). Some of us Believers of God see deeper into things because we have been there.We wish not to push or pull you in any dirrection. we approach you with good will, and as a direct contact as a friend. I hope and care for your great health and happiness...your wellness. Not all are convinced or even attached to the final annalysis of christ as the son of God. I am not, but love many christians, and hope to find the power of understanding so that i may love all...even myself.We all are growing up, each day we get older. We never know it all though.
It's EZ to believe that you are special and that they(other faiths) do not understand. You have the edge in that possition. Most are only trying to help, but always stand gaurd. You must do the same, but ease up on how you disagree. Try being open to the fact that you may be /and are by my opinion ...special in your own way.
I am a person that believes in the Great Spirit. Universal I believe him to be, Mighty and Majestic.I call him 'Lord of Hosts', 'God Almighty', or "I am That I Am". I am 100% satisfied in my own attachment to him. Though I have proofs to disclaim Jesus, I wish not to insult him or his followers.I am their friend by accepting them as fellow beings with an alternate interpretation and faith than that of mine. At times , i do find that hard, when i am insulted, but try to be peacefull and understanding. I am becoming tolerant of detached opinion (opinion other than that of mine).
If you have seen UFO's, aliens, bigfoot what ever, you have a right to believe according to what suits your proof. This is true also with God.
The greatest hype on earth is that your individualizm is not important. It truly is your best asset.Everyone is important.I will fight to keep you from the flames, and even if it blackens my sin scarred wings. We are only human(we agree). They(flames) dont exist if we put them out.
Smile, keep an open mind, and see deeper into your self. You'll be ok thinking outside the box.
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