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By Joel M. Skousen</a>

As I'm reading Skousen's analysis of the Communist threat to the US and the world a few things spring to mind.

First of all, Skousen's report is on par with other sources of comprehensive competence I've read, like Christopher Story's book <a href="">"The European Collective: Enemy Of Its Member States"</a>.
My response to those who think these are paranoid ideas is that if I can think them so can the geopolitical strategists in the Kreml, WHOSE JOB IT IS to think these thoughts!

Secondly, the overall picture seems to me to be that while the Communists are building up military power in preparation for WW3, their intelligence services are going to help by infiltrating US intelligence and political structures. That way they can stall inspections of military bases, make the Americans sign treaties that they themselves NEVER intended to keep in the first place, etc. This is what seems to be happening as we speak.

Thirdly, I've been wondering for some years now what all those nuclear, biological and chemical weapons - apart from the new highly sophisticated exotic weapons like Ultra Low Frequency Sound Beam weapons and space-based laser and pulse weapons - are going to be used for, IF NOT AGGRESSIVE ASSAULT as opposed to DEFENSIVE activities.
Somehow I don't think the Marxist-Leninists are going to be content fighting a proxy war forever. The current war of deception and lies <a href="">Sun Tzu-style</a> is only a build up to the war proper, whenever they decide the time is right.

Regarding Russia's supposed complete release of countries like Poland, Hungary and former East Germany; I wonder how much of a "release" it really is when 2nd and 3rd echelon Communist cadres have taken over every level of economic, social, political and cultural life in these countries. On the contrary; the fact that they could withdraw their troops in total confidence they would keep their grip and control of these countries is just a part of the grand deception of "The Fall of Communism". And it's worked fabulously, suckering Europe to invite even, the "former" Communist countries into The EU, not realizing this is EXACTLY what the Marxist-Leninists wanted!

Regarding the supposed competition between China and Russia, I've heard from sources in Hungary that an immense amount of Chinese are flooding the country and has been since at least 10 years now. I suppose they come in to "work" for companies, so they are in a way legal. But the amount is worrying; if you think about the fact that in England you simply don't have Asian police officers - because the Freemasons who control the British police force are scared shitless that if they start employing Asian people they soon will be taken over by the Chinese Triads - then the current events in Hungary really makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Christopher Story mentions the Marxist-Leninist strategy of exporting <a href="">"criminalism"</a> to the world. This means to export organized crime and mafias as a strategy of conquest, and since the GRU/KGB is the source of funding and organizing the Russian mafias I see a method to the madness of the Russian mafia spreading like a virus all over the world.

Check out Christopher Story's new book <a href="">"THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER - Triumph of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games"</a>
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