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Default Re: The Blonde Map of Europe

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
There is absolutely no question that white females with natural blonde hair are the worlds most beautiful women
Attractive blonde blue-eyed women are especially precious because they're unique. They're precious because only European women feature traits like blonde hair and colored eyes (with exceptions).

I wouldn't just say they're the most beautiful women, though. I've seen very attractive women of eg. Mestizo, Japanese and African origins and I would find it hard to judge who's most beautiful.

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
nordics will within 50 years vanish from the face of the earth..
Unless they don't change their ways, they do face extinction indeed.

Nordics aren't the only blondes, by the way. With exception of Mediterranean sub-groups, most European peoples have a certain amount of blondes. This includes even Northern-Italians.
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