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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
Even Chomsky laughs at the Neo-conservatives being "fascist". They are rightly Stalinist/Trotskyite/Leninist Imperialists who work for a foreign master.

The distinction is importent. You are in the hands of die hard Bolsheviks. Dont laugh!
They are zionists ultra-capitalists. They used to be Bolschevik, but they shedded their communist skin when Russians, Poles and Hungarians turned against them.

Anyway, you're right when you say it is wrong to label the Bush administration as fascist or "nazi". In fact, both fascism and national-socialism (aka nazism) are far less totalitarian than the NWO wants us to believe.

David Myatt on national-socialism :

National-Socialism believes there are two fundamental ways of living, and thus two fundamental types of society based upon these two ways. There is the material way of living, with individuals striving for, or pursuing, "happiness", material comfort and wealth. Then there is the way of excellence, of idealism (or nobility) with individuals striving for an idealistic goal. National-Socialism believes the material way is decadent - a waste of our lives, a waste of the evolutionary potential which we possess.

Furthermore, National-Socialism believes that the life of an individual is better, more fulfilling, if the idealistic goal that is pursued is in accord with the will of Nature. That is, if this idealistic goal aids Nature, and continues the evolutionary work of Nature. This stems from the National-Socialist assertion that we, as human beings, are part of Nature, and subject to the laws of Nature. All other philosophies, political beliefs or religions assert that we, as human beings, are somehow "above", different or separate from, Nature and her laws.

One of the fundamental aims of National-Socialism is to continue the work of Nature by creating better, more advanced, individuals and by creating a better, more advanced, more civilized society for these individuals to live and flourish in. National-Socialism believes that better individuals can only be created through the pursuit of noble values - by individuals changing themselves for the better through a personal act of will. This requires individuals, and society itself, to champion and uphold those values which create personal excellence, which aid the individual change necessary. According to National-Socialism, these values are honour, loyalty and duty - for only these values create the right type of idealistic person, someone with a purity of purpose. It is these values, and these values alone, which create a civilized individual. A civilized person is a more evolved individual - someone with a higher, a noble, personal character. Further, it is the duty of each noble individual to act in accord with the workings, the will, of Nature herself.

According to National-Socialism, the folk - or "race" - is how Nature works. For National-Socialism, the folk is Nature made manifest; the folk is our connection to Nature. The different folks which exist among our human species are an expression of evolution in action - of Nature working over Aeons to produce diversity and difference. Thus, the folk is an expression of our very humanity - of our human identity.

Accordingly, National-Socialism desires to preserve and further evolve, in an honourable way, the folk itself. All other philosophies, political beliefs or religions desire to destroy the folk through creating multi-racial, multi-cultural societies.

However, it needs to be stressed that National-Socialism - being based upon honour - demands that all National-Socialists treat all people, of whatever race and culture, with respect. To do otherwise, is contrary to the ethics of National-Socialism, based as these ethics are upon honour.

For National-Socialism, the fundamental meaning of our lives, as individuals, is to strive to continue the work of Nature. This means striving to advance ourselves through upholding, in our own lives, the civilized values of honour, loyalty and duty; it means us doing our noble and civilized duty by striving to preserve and further evolve our own folk or race, and those things which make our own people unique. These unique things are the ethos, the soul, the character, the culture, of our folk. According to National-Socialism, the ethos, the character of our human species is expressed by honour, curiosity, exploration - these things express the true nature of we human beings. Furthermore, National-Socialism believes that it is the ultimate Destiny of our human species to settle among the stars of our galaxy - to create a Galactic Empire or Federation.

In contrast to the inspiring, the noble, the Galactic - the numinous - goals of National-Socialism, the goals of all other philosophies, political beliefs or religions are mundane, materialistic and a complete waste of our lives.
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