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Default Re: DELTA and RedRat; NWO Operatives

Interesting stuff you have shown here Blue angel. I hope that no one actually thinks anything here is worth banning you. I cant believe someone called you a troll. This troll thing gets outta hand (please this is not the lets dress Barbie and Ken forum ), but you point to some interesting links to these two having names of what a disinfomation agent would use. I am sure that some of the threads by these two persons may seem to be a link, there really isn't anything beyond that to link them as operatives, is there? I think they are just two people enjoying messing with ya. I am a Blue Star believer, so I am with ya(i too see a connection). Your not a Troll, and I am not JRR Tolkein either. Anything else on these things?
I do believe you....and the rcpm of each of these names is linked to neuro psychosis. Naming you a troll was pretty offensive in such a forum. This is a conspitaracy forum right?(CAlling Wolf is a little like being a snitch, so you wont ever catch me doing that in a conspiracy forum, snitches are conspuirators right?, lol.) Lets all go ez, and we dont have to LOVE one another, OR BAN one another. Maybe making a connection was something that was needed to pull out the truth, which, God forbid shows up and gets us banned indeffinately. Please continue on as a person of interest to me!

Should redrat and delta be agents of misinformation, then that will eventually come out. I don't think that it would matter here, since it would be worthy of having all sides present in our search for truth. I hope this does not make me a troll, because if it does I will cry if i get will bawl bloody murder. Lets get along whether they are agents or not. It does not matter. I dont want to quit if you get banned. I also enjoy their posts , even if I agree or disagree.

If Blue Angel were a troll, what would that make God in such a forum? Would he be banned? Is he a Troll too? Opinion that offends will most likely hinge on a thread of truth. Those with something to hide get snared by the right questions. There is nothing wrong with a leaning away from what we "SHOULD AND MUST THINK ACCORDING TO a Tattle-tell!

Alpha and Omega, if he was here last ...he has been here , done that first! There is no room for psycotronic warfare against kings.

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