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Default Re: The Illuminati: Keeping it all in the Family; OBAMA AND CHENEY ARE DISTANT COUSI

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
An Illuminati controlled society is a totalitarian system that incorporates zionism, fake "democracy", "multi-culturalism", global free trade, commercialised hedonism and perversity, the dumbing down of the masses and mass consumerism. Fascism and national-socialism are the exact oposite of an Illuminati controlled society.
I have already defined Nazism; national-socialism; facism and totalitarian forms of government as being equivalent to one another.

To say that the NWO does not seek THIS form of government in the USA and in other parts of the world would be incorrect.

Fake democracy has been incorporated since the inception of this country.

Perversity, commercialized hedonism, to name a few, are all by-products of the mind controllers.

They are not forms of government, but ways in which they alter the environment and "condition" the masses toward the loss of morals and, in the process, place them in altered state's of consciousness so they are, therefore, more suggestible and susceptible to that which they see, hear and read.

As far as Zionism, they are a political movement that seeks the same totalitarian government of which I speak.

All one in the same.

Different factions, but basically with the same goal.

No need for semantics.

We're all on the same page.

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