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Default Re: Microchip Technology..Cloaking

If you know that you have a chip and are wanting to block the signal, doing so is a bit of a test.
First, you must encase the chip in gold or lead. This can be ez for some with one chip in the hand area, but will prove to be hard for someone with a chip in the arse area, the brain, etc. You can simply build a band or glove like device that shrouds the chip. I also feel it may be possible to use a small motor to alter the frequency if it operates directly within poximity of 1/2 an inch of the chip. Controling the rpm and manipulating it can sure make some waves. I am not sure what effect it may have on the main sattelites or the remaining chipped public.

In the name of God-"Lord of Hosts', man has a right to defend himself from such electronic warfare.

If you are unsure of your chips location, you may build a full suit using computer board gold, but this may take years. I have seen a suit made from x-ray protective cloth, but do not know the outcome of that experiment, nor can I find it on the net.
I notice that there are no support groups for people who believe they may be chipped/and/or under electronic assualt.I would love to find a link if one exists.
Are there any radio experts with a signal blocking idea? I am sure someone knows a natural way besides what i meantion to block a trasponder or chip signal.
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