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Smile Re: Mind Control Programming - MK ULTRA

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Black Angel: Enemy Of The Police State - :-o :-o :-o

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Barbara Hartwell

Barbara Hartwell: "Hollywood 'Thieves' Ripped Off My Life Story!"
"Black Angel: Enemy of the Police State"

:: Libertythink :: Encouraging Cognitive Liberty in an Age of Statist Propaganda ::
by Barbara Hartwell
January 7, 2003

For those reading this who don't know me or haven't read about my 'case' my name is Barbara Hartwell and I'm a survivor of CIA black ops and mind control programming under the infamous MK Ultra Project. Code name: Black Angel.

There's quite a story behind that code name, one which I have not even begun to tell, perhaps which I will not live to tell. But I'll give you a hint: Some greedy TV executives stole my true story, souped it up, sensationalized it and made it into a series called "Dark Angel".

This was after I had refused the offer of a 'documentary film producer' (really a CIA asset) to make my true story into a movie (fictional, of course). You'd recognize the names of the Hollywood scavengers who wanted to get their hot little hands on my story.

I told the producer (who approached me after one of my lectures at a conference) that I was not interested in having everything I had been through and fought for trivialized, sanitized and sensationalized. He wanted to fly me out to Hollywood to meet with the big-name producers. I was offered a lot of money.

But as God is my witness, if I ever DO get any money from the CIA, it will not be for prostituting myself and selling out my country and fellow patriots. No, if I ever do get the money I have earned through blood, sweat and tears, a fighting spirit and by the grace of God, it will be from damages awarded in a lawsuit against the bastards who used and abused me, stole my childhood and destroyed my life. Fat chance! lawyer will touch my case with a ten foot pole.

I broke out of the CIA's operations in 1994 after many years of battling with my handlers and decided to go public with my story in 1996.

Some people have asked me, Is there REALLY life after the CIA ? Something along the lines of asking if there's life after death, I suppose. The answer is a qualified and conditional 'yes'. That is, if you can consider relentless harassment; brutal persecution; isolation, alienation and deprivation; constant surveillance; crippling poverty and debilitating chronic illness to be a 'life'.

But from all indications, it looks as if this 'life' (such as it has been) is about to come to an end. The reason is not hard to fathom: I have been driven into a state of such extreme financial destitution and illness that it now appears there is little hope of recovery. And there is no help in sight, at least not of the type that would make a real difference in saving my life. There is no cavalry riding up over the hills; no knight in shining armor; not even a lone commando to serve as backup in my hour of need.

My adversaries have done anything and everything they thought they could get away with to neutralize me and to stop me from speaking out about the tyranny and atrocities committed by the U.S. government in the name of 'National Security'.

We now have a band of ruthless, tyrannical warmongers in the White House. For those who haven't yet woken up and smelled the coffee, we have a de facto dictatorship. President G.W. Bush does not even RECOGNIZE the Constitution, much less has he kept his sacred oath to DEFEND it against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help him God. And I seriously doubt that God will help him, since he and his cabal of cronies and minions are among the most spiritually and morally bankrupt people in the course of human history. Bush calls himself a Christian. Say what?! A Christian, my ass.....

What is only just now beginning to happen to the average citizen (and so far in a much milder form) since the 911 terrorist attacks and the advent of the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security, had been happening to me and other survivors of government black operations for many years. Airport searches and seizures. Electronic surveillance. Police check points. Bogus arrests simply for being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'.

In the past, a targeted individual such as myself, deemed a high profile subversive; loose cannon; rogue operative; dissenter; enemy of the state; threat to National Security; or terrorist (and I have been called all of these things) at least had the dubious protection of knowing that the perpetrators would have to use 'plausible deniability' in their neutralization campaigns. Now, they can harass, persecute and spy on American citizens with impunity. Defenders of the Constitution, or those courageous enough to claim their natural rights bestowed by God are actually deemed 'terrorists' by the powers-that-be. And the tyrants are marching us all into the Twenty First Century New World Order Totalitarian Police State. Or at least they're doing their damnedest.

For those who survive it, simply because they choose to step into line and go along with the program; those who choose NOT to fight for their rights, I say, enjoy it, you'll get exactly what you deserve! But they'll never march me into their Gulag Amerika. I've already been there, done that. Unless I can be free to live on my own terms, to preserve my dignity and human rights, they can best believe they'll never take me alive.

For years before I was finally able to break out, once and for all, of the enslavement of being 'utilized' by CIA under one of the most nefarious operations in the history of the United States, I ran for my life from place to place to place..... just trying to escape the ubiquitous government goons and spooks who surrounded me everywhere I went.

I endured two (2) years of 'house arrest' in motels from 1995-1997, after being driven out of one home after another in different states, by the machinations of the perpetrators. Several attempts were made on my life through poisonings, arranged car 'accidents' and assaults with so-called 'non lethal' weapons. Needless to say, I survived them all, but there has never been a time when I could really say that my life was not at serious risk, particularly after I decided to go public with my case.

It took me six (6) years of hard work and numerous failed attempts to finally get my own website on the World Wide Web. Six years of computer sabotage; the destruction of five (5) computers along with all the files; theft of documents which served as evidence for my case; intimidation tactics against my webmasters (the first of whom had his apartment looted and trashed and his life threatened by goons); and heartbreaking betrayals by people I once considered friends and allies, some of whom are family members.

My articles were first published on the Internet in 1995, on a website called AlterNetReality, sponsored by some people from the Phoenix (Montauk) Project, one year after I had broken the mind control programming. That site didn't last long (sabotaged by gov't infiltrators) but I moved on a few years later to publish some of my story on Mind Control Forum in 1999. Since that time, through sheer persistence and grim determination, I have managed to get my work published with some regularity on several of the most prominent 'alternative media' websites. And I have never been paid one red cent, over the past eight (8) years by anyone who published my work.

Nor have I ever been paid one red cent for the cases I investigated; nor for the extensive research I have conducted. Mostly, I have survived off the charity of friends and family or contributions from the public. Due to disability and chronic illness, a direct result of the abuses perpetrated on me in the black operations ( and just try PROVING that!) I do not have the capability to be employed for wages or working regular hours. I am not eligible for disability benefits or social security, since I have no employment history. I have had no reliable source of income for many years. And now, I have no source of income at all.

Worse, I do not have even ONE person I can rely on for any kind of concrete support, financial or otherwise. 'Rely' being the operative word.

I am financially destitute, my health is deteriorating rapidly and I am completely alone against the escalating persecution. True, I have some people I consider to be close friends. But only a few, and none of them have the material resources to offer the assistance necessary to save the day, as far as my situation is concerned.

To date, I have done all that was in my power to do, and given all I have to give. I have shared what resources I had with others who needed help, even when it meant I could not pay my own bills.

I cannot continue doing my research and writing without being paid, without being able to earn a living and support myself and my cats. I cannot rely on contributions from supporters, they are just too few and far between.

Some so-called 'supporters' have made it clear that they have some agenda or other regarding me and that their 'help' will only be given if I cooperate. Strings attached...... Others have had a hidden agenda which they think I don't see. Anyway, no help is forthcoming from these folks once they see that I am not for sale, not my mind, not my body, not my loyalty. My loyalty is only to God and to doing the right thing, no matter the cost or the consequences to me.

Today, my rent was due and I have no money to pay it. The phones will soon be shut off, along with the electric. I have no money to pay my car insurance. I'm living mostly off peanut butter sandwiches. I've been ill for over two months with the 'CIA flu'; can't afford vitamins and I'm almost out of allergy medication and painkillers. I can't sleep at night from the severe anxiety.

As I write this, my e-mail has been down since last night because of technical problems at my server. I have Internet access, but can't send or receive e-mail. I am neutralizing over 10 viruses a day and repelling many more hacking attempts.

I pray every day for a miracle, but my faith is wearing thin. Believe it or not, I haven't lost my sense of humor, since I don't have much else to lose. And no, this report is not satire; it's not hyperbole; it's the true state of affairs in my life.

If nothing else it helps to know I must be doing something right. I must be on the right track. I KNOW I'm telling and exposing the truth. Otherwise why would I be Wanted, Dead or Alive, the Black Angel : Enemy of the Police State.

--Barbara Hartwell
January 7, 2003
? black or blue? NOTE TO READERS... blue angel THINKS she is Black Angel, this from READING too many 'mind control conspiracy' books, thus there-in lies the confusion on her part, these things happen in life where peoplle get caught up in books. Black Angel (Barbara Hartwell) is the real CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIM.

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