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Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
Congratualations on your veteran excitement. I would add a comment , but I guess that may be none of my bussiness.
Oh, come on.

The none of your business comment referred to another matter.

But, be warned.

I'll crush you, too, if you're not careful or have I already done that?

I'm really Arnie in disguise.

The female version of The Terminator.



Give us your comments regarding this $240 million dollars (or was it $420 million) given to NASA so that the suffering people of this great country can be informed as to whether or not there is water on Mars.

I'm sure the wounded veterans of the Iraq war; those families who are grieving the losses of their loved ones, the starving, the homeless are just so thankful that NASA has discovered water on Mars.

I mean.

It's just so important.
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