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Default Re: Warrior Of God?

Yes, I am not Christian. I believe in the 'LORD OF HOSTS, I AM that I AM'. I tooo am a Warrior of God.

I can find no link from christianity to the old Jewish faith except bad reference and interpretation of things that were said in the old testament and written in a language other than greek , which is hard to believe by someone who hears the warnings against the renewel or alteration of the sealed covenant(strictly just my opinion). I doubt the new testament 100% and believe that by resisting CHRIST JESUS as the Messiah, I am a warrior of God as well.. Judge ye not I always say, lest ye get smited by someone seeking revenge for an eye, if ya know what EYE mean!One nation under God, not Christ! But I do not think I would need a group to define my position, calling them warriors of God. You will spark 'Other Warrriors and survivors singled out by the Warriors of God' groups, until ultimately we will have opposing wars over recruitment into the BLOOD LIKE /CRIP LIKE Warriors of God groups.(that almost sounds like the way it is now). A Gang sounds like what you are seeking when adding Warrior to it, you mak it sound like the MACCABEES. Opinion is the attached stigma that will label you NFC or AFC and stoke slanguage like 'YO DOGS' or 'WUS UP BITCHES'. It is a better stigma to be a believer, trust me, As warriors we only offend. That is the warriors job. Peace is reckless without harmony.

Does that pit Warrior of God vs Warrior of God/Jesus? A better definition of your group ID is better, a warrior of the Christian Idea of God, or the Jewish Idea of God,etc. Only you will atract opposing groups.
God needs no help other than faith in him as the King(you need no goup to do this). Sorry to Christians if that sounds hateful. I do not intend to sound hateful...only sure and willing to risk all on that final road I have taken and that sure and tested faith I have committed to. I am a warrior of God, and am part of no group. I am a believer. That is what I am called, not a military opposition of other believers. Starting a warrior of God group could only spell trouble I think.Who wants to battle over the true meaning or name of God anyway? That makes no sense to start an opposition group in the name of God. You will eventually offend and oppose someone, with war as intention and means of interprnal coersion. Let people live and find God on there own. It will not be a battle field then.A believer in God group sounds less threatening, vs warrior of God which may seem like a warning sign to faiths other than yours. Tread carefully, ok. Best of luck regardless.
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