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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
I have a connection for you to ponder. I know of the Black Eagle project...I myself am a BlackEeagle. To me that means: Rare Bird(rare as in few, rare as in Microwve oven). I have often gone by Black Eagle in other forums, but this name excites my enemies and i dont seek war.. This is my warrior side and my defiant self that claims right under God to Defend my family and myself. God is my witness.I have a self portrait of my Black Eagle Self...i will try to attach it.
Blue is a color of many meanings. I also go by Blue is my spiritual side. I have seen the Blue Star(UFO.. WHATEVER IT WAS) and also have RV'd to the moment after my death. What I saw happening engulfed my body and mind into a full rage, and I was glowing BLUE. This is an experiment i really dont care to share.This is the eye opener that causes me to seek revenge.I will expose all that I Must. There are people trying to disrupt the haven of Our Existence.

Blue and Black. The attacks come on when you are blue, You are attacked from all directions. Black is a threat and thus a battle mode in the psycological realm.You will initially be challenged, but will prevail with ease when Black. The people fear darkness.

As a spiritual being(my thoughts on God go beyond religion), I am a human form of Blue...a within that just cant find its outlet or release.
As a Black Eagle(MY AVITAR ALL OVER THE NET), I am able to dig deep and go where most wont go.These Both are my creations of my mind...thus maybe proof we are alll least maybe I am. Since I have found reference to God implanting humans in the old testament and referrence to him knowing our lot before it happens, I tend to think that maybe all humans are implanted that are part of his great plan(what ever that may be). I still wear my colors in pride.
I am, Blue Star and Black Eagle. BeenThereDone That.I am David (which means Beloved Of God) and I will stand here in the final days and declare what it is that makes me who I am. Yes, trace around the net, you will see how many people call ME the anti-Christ. My faith is Jesus died many years ago when he failed to aid me, failed to comfort me, failed to be my Rock. I did find God after that. He is behind all of this..thus there is no conspiracy.

People are tracked because of their mental qualities, and they are teageted when they interupt the grand scheme of things. We all will be chippped and tracked...against our will or under complete submission. How you Get chippped, where and when, and Why you get chipped is up to you. When you wake will see the power of your chip. I own mine, since it is in my body..and I did not ask for it.
The reason i am researching how to Block the signal of chip is for my own reasons. I plan to be invisible for moments at a time to prove my point when the time comes. I will be in ARIZONA on a MESA on December 21, 2012, to activate...or Blow my Star from the sky. In order to find my place in the cosmos,,as a non-slave...I am ready to be erased should it come to that.

Does anyone ever consider that we have been here before? That some of us actually figured it out and know who they are? they are we....US!

Though most of you do not realize it, your fealessness brought you here. Ever feel like you know that to be true? You are daring and fear not the government!
last but not least...the government is owned by us...we the people. We can imagine it to end anyway we like...But the future is now! We must act to install truth as an open forum...all the while...we think we are finding answers that we allready have known all along. we are revealing ourselves.

Time is the is the machine.We made it work.

and so you all know, I was in a typing frenzy when i posted all of the above. It just came to me. I am sure to be quoted all day long. Good day to my FELLOW BEINGS.

Black Eagle project hey???

Barack Obama a "Black Eagle"...
Barack “Black Eagle” Obama Throws Tribal Leaders Under the Bus
June 27, 2008 — Jenn
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Obama Adopted Into Crow Nation | The Trail |

Update: See Kenders’ Musings - Here’s a Thought and Moe Lane - “Obamabus *HUNGERS*!!!!!”

In a much-publicized photo op, in which Barack Obama seemingly reached out to Native Americans in May, while he was desperately trying to cinch the Democratic nomination for Presidency, Obama was “adopted” into the Crow Nation, and given the name of “Black Eagle.”

Behind the scenes, however, it seems getting to acutally meet with the presidential hopeful in a townhall setting will be extremely difficult for tribal members who helped him get the nomination.

Indian Country is reporting:

“Before the Illinois senator became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he made a pledge to Kalyn Free, founder of the Indigenous Democratic Network, that he would appear at a tribally focused town hall-style meeting. Initial logistics of the agreement called on him to speak at a reservation or Indian-owned venue somewhere in the Southwest before the Democratic National Convention in August if he became his party’s candidate.

“Obama’s verbal promise was seen as key among influential Indian political activists, and it played a factor for some Native individuals who threw their support behind his candidacy. The promise even partially influenced the decision of at least one of the four Native superdelegates who will attend the DNC to cast their votes for him. All four Native superdelegates, including Free, have verbally pledged their support to the senator from Illinois.

“Now that Obama has all but secured his party’s nomination after a contentious battle throughout the spring with Sen. Hillary Clinton, scheduling the event has become something of a logistical nightmare.


“Free said that some tribal members she’s queried about the two-week window have found the Obama campaign’s position to be ‘disrespectful’…” (more)

Basically, since the tribal leaders will be coming from all over the country, they are simply requesting a four-week notice, but Obama’s campaign will only agree to a two-week notice, knowing that will make travel arrangements difficult-to-impossible for most.

Hmm…this harkens to back to another “anytime-anywhere” promise he made to debate John McCain - as long as “anytime-anywhere” was on July 4th, the one day most Americans will be away from their Television sets, and will not be able to watch.

If we didn’t know better, we might actually think that Obama doesn’t want to have to answer the hard questions that are sure to arise in a live townhall question and answer session.
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