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Default Re: Al-Qaeda Did 9-11

A touchy subject. Israel and USA citizens are not responsible for what their governments do. These two governents and the puppets that control them are merely fronts to world control by those who seek to ruin everything.
World control is a great idea...If there were someone to lead...and all things were fair.

No one leads. Nothing is fair.

so...FTW....Ill hold out and maybe I will inherit something(for the win). Bin Laden is our Warrior, we supplied him with everything he needed in his previous agenda, and we even paid him to do it! I bet we did the same with the twin towers...He was a star like Mike. A NIKE SPONSOR MAYBE...just do it? What ever the truth happened. This crime needs to be punished. This was a clean getaway.

Sorry about the sarcasm
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