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The problems started in 1998 after joining a sports club

I read about the sports club in a local paper and attended every other day for two months. Everything was ok until the instructor started asking me to stay back after the workouts.

The problems with instructor started within a few weeks of joining his sports club when he asked me to stay back after one of the sessions to watch something on the TV, that’s when I discovered the instructor has a serous split personality problem when he drinks alcohol. It’s strange how someone’s personality can change so fast, you can sit down and have a drink with him and within a few minutes he would go from his normal self to a complete lunatic. The instructor clearly couldn’t handle alcohol, it appeared to make him instantly psychotic. He used to shout and literally stomp around raging on about all kinds of things, mostly raging on about 3rd world countries. It was never a laugh and a joke being around the instructor after he had been drinking, whenever he wasn’t raging on about 3rd world countries he simply expressed pure hatred towards everyone and everything. the instructor acted exactly the same way every time I was asked to stay back after the sessions, he would drink on every occasion and fly into a rage. The reason I used to stay there and listen to him raging on is because I’m basically too polite for my own good. It was very difficult to pick the right time and get a word in to say “I’m off”. If you were to speak to the instructor when he’s sober you would think he’s a normal person. When ever I was asked to stay back after a session I would say “ok” to show I didn’t hold a grudge for the last turn out. It went on like that. Considering I was only there for a short time, I was asked to stay back quite often. I used to drink as well, but never as much as the instructor as I was driving.

There is a lot to be said about the things the instructor used to rant and rage on about after he had been drinking, but as most of it had no relevance to anything so I’ve listed it all on another document as it would be too much to put on here. I’m just using this document to explain the serous problems… because they may be something to do with the motive, which lead to even more serous problems.

The first serous problem happened when the instructor asked me to stay back to have a few more drinks then usual, he said don’t worry about driving, you can stay at the club. This occasion I’m writing about now is the only time I stayed back at the club for more then a few hours. It turned out to be a very bad choice. The instructor had bought a 24-bottle case of beer and asked me to drink half of it. Within 1 hour the instructor basically appeared to have drunk himself totally insane and was hyperactively switching from one weird topic to another. I should have just gone home but I couldn’t drive as I was over the legal limit. At one point on this occasion the instructor was forcing me to drink alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t influence me in any way so it didn’t matter, I just felt sick of being in his intense company. The main “serous” problem on this particular occasion was the instructor jumping to a “delusional conclusion” that I was sent to his club as a spy? I’m not going to even try to explain why because it’s totally ridiculous. All I can say is the instructor basically integrated me, he kept asking me who I was working for. I thought he was joking at first, but he seemed to have convinced himself I was a spy. He kept asking me “who are you working for” and “who sent you here”. This continued for hours. He said “yeah, your very clever to get this far”. The intense integration came to end when I walked across the room and sat down on a sofa, as I was feeling sick and had a headache from all the questions. I sat back and closed my eyes for a few seconds and while facing away from the instructor I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh. I don’t know what time it was when this happened. I woke up and noticed straight away that it was daylight. The first thing I thought when I woke up was why had I fallen asleep and how could I have possibly fallen asleep at the same time as feeling such a sharp pain? At the time I hadn’t the slightest clue what had happened… I suspect I was drugged and the sharp pain I felt was a needle. Although I knew it was strange falling asleep while feeling a sharp pain, I wasn’t certain at that time I had been drugged, I suppose it was the last thing that I would have expected to happen. I don’t know what happened while I was out, but after I woke up the instructor never said anymore of the spy accusation. There’s nothing more I can say about that, at the time I didn’t know exactly what had happened. Although this was one of the worse occasions, the instructor’s drunken stupidity became a routine. I used to wonder how he changes back to normal from getting in such a state. When I used to turn up for a sports club when he was sober nothing was ever said about his drunken frenzies (or what ever you call it).

Within the short time I was at the sports club the instructor (after he had been drinking) raged on about a lot of strange things. Once he raging on saying “only so many people can fall down the stairs”, another time he was raging on about how he leaves an empty room in-between the people using the building so he can listen in on them. While he was going on about this, he went on to say he’s been recording peoples conversations and playing certain parts back for other people to purposely over hear.

The next “serous” problem was when I stayed back for just a few hours after a session in later during the two months I was there. This is now disgusting. The instructor, drunk and psychotic again decided to put a pornographic video on. He only left it playing for about 5 minutes as I asked him to switch it off. While this pornographic video was on he mentioned something about one of the people that uses his building. There was a French student who the instructor told me he had lent this pornographic video too the night before and spied on him watching it. As if this wasn’t disgusting enough, the instructor went into detail and said the French student was masturbating. The instructor seemed to think this was funny, while the tape was playing he took the empty video case to the room the French student was in, banged on the door and shouted out “is this yours”. He then came back and said he thinks the French student is a homosexual. Work that out? On the same occasion while the instructor was acting perverted telling me about lending porn videos to people and spying on them watching it, he said something about a someone’s wardrobe in one of the rooms. Apparently, someone called ****** had left a sperm count specimen at his building, which the instructor told me he mixed with water in a watering can and sprayed it over someone’s clothes, the instructor joked about that aswell and said he had done this as a way of getting them back for something. He even did an impression of how he looked when he was spraying it over someone’s clothes. I didn’t have a chance to say anything as usual as he wouldn’t allow me to interrupt him whenever he’s talking. As I said, this was in late later during the two months, the fact that alcohol turns him weird was well established and became a routine. This was the first time he had ever said anything for me to suspect he’s a pervert. On this same occasion, as I was leaving the instructor asked me to borrow a pornographic video. I told him I didn’t want to borrow it but he insisted I take it with me even if it’s to keep it as a blank tape. The instructor was originally asking me to watch all 4 hours of it to see who walks in. That was the last time I stayed back. I’ve still got the tape and still haven’t watched it. It’s not the sort of thing I could have chucked out the window on the way home… I’m going to set fire to the tape he gave me after I’ve finished typing these documents.

Other then raging on about weird things, expressing paranoia and acting perverted, there was also a lot of talk about Freemasons. At the time I didn’t even know what a freemason was. The instructor didn’t directly tell me he was a Freemason, he just said that he’s above the law and dropped hints into his one way raging conversations. I remember on one occasion while I was leaving his sports club, the instructor shook my hand. As I had my hands full with stuff he asked me to have. As some of my fingers were folded back with what I was carrying- when he shook my hand he stepped back and said “wow, that’s a Freemason handshake”. It’s obvious he planned it that way so he could bring up the Freemason thing again.

As I said I was at the sports club for two months. The instructor had a holiday planned and went a 3rd world country, when he returned I went over to the sports club and introduced him to a girl I had met. We were invited into one of the rooms and sat down with him and his wife. It was unusual for his wife to be about, when I used to stay back after training she was always somewhere else. The instructor didn’t appear to be drunk when we first arrived but within 5 minutes he started acting so strange that the girl I was with asked to leave. The instructor once told me that he hates English women, I reckon that may have had something to do with it. The instructor’s wife is an Asian lady who was at the time quietly laughing behind his back.

I chose not judge the instructor by his drinking problem and all he said when he was drunk. I basically blanked it all for some reason, the first sports session on the instructors return from abroad was a few days later. This was to be the last time I attended, as this time the instructor was this time drunk during the sports session.

This was the first time he had been drunk during a sports session. It’s difficult to explain how he was acting. The instructor was standing in the middle of the room with strange looking postures. He spent most of the time talking while leaning over to the left as if he was looking around something that wasn’t there, and spent a lot of time pointing out a reverse Swastika symbol (related to freemasonry) on some certificates he had recently hung on the wall. While he was asking me to look at these certificates, he decided to switch the lights off making the room pitch black. It was completely pathetic. I was very disappointed about this and knew straight away it was going to have to be the last time I attended. It was bad enough staying back after the session putting up with his drunken stupidity while he was sitting down.

As I was leaving he asked me to purposely ask him in front of his wife if he wants to go down the off licence to get some drinks. So I did. Even though he had already been drinking we walked to the shops where the instructor bought more alcohol. After that “so called” sports session I wasn’t in the mood for this at all, but as going to the off licence was supposed to look like my idea I had to stay there and have a drink with him again. The instructor began getting louder and louder raging on about some of his usual stuff about 3rd world country’s while I was sat there as usual saying nothing, the instructors wife was there aswell and she wasn’t saying anything neither. I was just thinking to myself, if I’m not going to be using this place no more then I don’t need to be listening to all this. Within half an hour of listening to instructor ranting and raging I ended up asking him to shut up as he was giving me a headache. This was the first time I had been rude to him and actually the first time I had ever interrupted him while he was speaking. The instructor was offended by what I said and told me to leave. A few days later he told me on the phone he was planning to take revenge on me over millennium. I don’t actually know why he said that. As along with everything else he said I disregarded and totally ignored the revenge threat, I just thought he had probably been drinking again. How could someone want to take revenge on someone and wait a over a year?

The next I heard from the instructor was a few months later in when he phoned me up and asked if I wanted to go to a 3rd world country later on in the year. I don’t know if it was that same month, but there was another time when he phoned me asking if I wanted to go to France with him as he said he was stocking up on alcohol. I told him on both occasions I didn’t have a passport… the instructor on both occasions asked me to get a passport.

There was also a few times when the instructor phoned up after he had been drinking and raged on the same as he did when I used to stay back after the sports sessions.

A few months later, he was phoning me up asking me if I wanted to go back to the sports club again, I told him I wasn’t interested and made up a few excuses. When I told him I didn’t have the money, he offered to let me rejoin free of charge. But still I decided not to go back.

The next time I saw the instructor was a few months later. This is what happened…

I arrived at sports club about 5pm , the instructor looked like an alcoholic tramp but he was at that moment in time sober….

The instructor said lets go to the pub down the road. So that’s what we did. I didn’t drink any alcohol, I just had a soft drink. The instructor had a few drinks there and then we walked back to his sports club. When we got back to his club, he invited me into the bar area. The instructor started drinking very heavily, I saw him pouring himself straight vodkas and continuously drinking them one after the other. I’ve never actually seen anyone drink so much. While he was drinking one after the other, for a short time in-between drinks I noticed he appeared to be pausing for thought, it gave the impression that he was purposely trying to get himself drunk. Within 5 or so minutes the instructor turned psychotic as like before when I used to stay back after the sports sessions. The bar area is a large square room at the front of the building. Apart from the actual bar counter itself, the room had a few stools, one small table and a long bench. The long bench ran along the wall next to the doorway, of which was where I was sitting.

To start with he spent at least half an hour pacing up and down his bar ranting on in an Irish accent, before doing this…

He commented on the material of my clothes and started stroking my arm.

Then went back to his pacing back and forth…

Then he walked over and walked over demonstrated a knot he said he had been taught on the waist cord of my cardigan.

Then went back to his pacing back and forth, while he was pacing back and forth I could hear him muttering to himself saying “no I can’t” and shaking his head. He appeared to be totally out of control.

Then he did this…

He walked over to me, lent over and placed his hand on my groin for about 4 seconds. On moving his hand away he quickly pressed his thumb against my forehead and said “see, I could have killed you with my thumb”. It was as if it was meant to look like a trick so when I’m thinking what the hell is the instructor doing, he can get to kill me with his thumb.

Then he continued his pacing back and forth, still shaking his head and saying “no I can’t” to himself before this happened…

The instructor asked me if I wanted a room upstairs in his building. I said no I don’t. He then turned towards me and stood there doing his weird leaning over to the left thing and said “would you like to sleep in my bed”! He knew I was going to say no, it was as if he had asked out of total frustration.

I didn’t know the instructor was a homosexual until then. I was just about to leave when this happened…

I got up from the bench and tried to leave. As I was trying to leave, the instructor ran at me, slammed the door and pinned me up against the wall. I stopped the door slamming shut with my foot and used one hand to cover my face and the other to push him away, he fell and landed in his bar area. On my way out, as I was closing the door leading into his porch I turned around and saw him running towards me. By the time I got to the front door he had caught up with me and tried pinning me up against a wall again, only this time I didn’t have to push him away as he stood back right after. I just opened the front door and left.

I never expected anything like that to happen, I don’t think anyone would. The next day I thought it would be best to phone the instructor to make the peace. It was a stupid and dangerous thing to do, but I didn’t feel that it was right to leave the situation of pushing someone (that person) on the floor and walking off, so I decided to phone up and say, “Fukin hell *********, you were well drunk last night mate”… Having said something, that would have been the end of it. If he would have said “yeah I was” or something like that, it would have been finished there and then. The thing is, the instructor asked me to come back to the sports club to pick something up. I didn’t want to look scared and was actually feeling quite proud of the way I dealt with the situation of getting away from him so I agreed to drop in. I wasn’t about to risk being in the same situation as the night before, the idea was to turn up, take whatever it was that the instructor had asked me over for, and leave before he gets drunk again. I just thought if he starts playing up I’d easily deal with him again… On arrival back at the sports club, the instructor gave me a certificate. Although I hadn’t attended for one year, I didn’t question to why he had given me this certificate and looked to leave straight away. As I said “Thanks, I’m off then” and was just about to leave, the instructor then gave me a sports video. While he was explaining what video it was, he put it in the video recorder and played it, which delayed my plan of leaving. There was no T.V or video in the bar area the night before, maybe the instructor brought it into the bar area to delay me leaving.

I’m a fool for staying there, I don’t know why I didn’t just say “I haven’t got time”, but he didn’t appear to be drunk so I must have stayed there to show one last time that I wasn’t holding a grudge, the whole reason of being there was to make the peace, leave and never go near him again.

During this film this is what happened…

I was sitting in the same place as the night before. This time the instructor was sitting next to me. As I said, he didn’t appear to be drunk. The only weird thing he said was he’s given his wife her injection and she’s now asleep.

I don’t know how long this film was playing before this happened…

I was just sat there watching this video and suddenly jolted and woke up. I strongly suspect that the instructor drugged me with something. Also, this proved to me what happened the time before when I actually felt a needle and woke up (as I’ve already said about). I have some memories of this drugging incident

The instructor was sat next to me… he looked at me, and then he looked down at something… I looked down and saw the instructor was sat there exposing himself. After that, I remember immediately turning my head to the left, the other direction from him. I also remember the instructor standing in front of me saying something, and seeing the bars table at an angle.

I didn’t remember all this straight away.

After I jolted and woke up, I phoned my Dad to pick me up and remember being very quiet on the way home. I remember my Dad asking me why I was so quiet.

From suddenly jolting and waking up I developed a “short term” mental illness. I felt continuously dazed, nothing made sense, it was like I was looking at the world from behind a window. It was a very strange time. Also, I felt as if I had to commit suicide. There wasn’t any depression or anything, I felt selfish for being alive. The thought of “having” to kill myself was just there in my mind… but all along, I knew I was ill and knew this was the result of being drugged by the instructor.

The psychological illness lasted for about 3 months before I managed to get myself back together. During that time I had spent about 2 weeks in a psychiatric hospital after my family had to call a doctor out.

I suspect the instructor drugged me and tried to have me commit suicide as a means of silencing me incase I were to tell people what he is.

The instructor told me he was planning on taking revenge (for what ever reason) and he well and truly did.

Now I’m going to try and explain about what else has been going on since….

Since this happened, there is sudden change in electrical appliances when I walk near them. I know this sounds crazy, if someone was telling me about something like this I doubt if I would believe them. The fact is I could go into any shop, even a petrol station off a motorway half way up the country and hear thermostats change soon as I walk near them. I know electrical appliances have to function, but what I’m saying about here has been running in synchronization, and its way beyond coincidence.

The reason this is happening is because I have a microchip (or maybe called a biochip) implant under the soft tissue of my skin behind my right ear… probably very similar to the images on the website. The implant, a tiny glass capsule is powered by the body electric and sends out a frequency, which enables an audio transmission to be received. The transmission interferes with anything electrical, particularly thermostats. It also causes me to hear a constant high pitch sound and causes regular headaches. I’ve tried researching the biochip on the net but have never found any useful information.

Dealing with this situation is very difficult. To start with I was living in hope that someone would sort this out. I shouldn’t be going through this. It’s ruined me life and it’s affected my family. My privacy has been taken and I can’t relate to anyone.

There is a lot more I can say about all this but without proof I would end up in trouble for slander. What I will add is while looking up on the internet, I’ve found that the instructor has a friend who works for MI6. I know that doesn’t really say much. I thought it would be relevant to mention it though.

I believe I was implanted while in hospital after being drugged by the instructor. The instructor may have used an excuse for this. There was something going on about a video tape. I believe he went to the Freemasons and claimed a video went missing from his premises containing sensitive information on a highly regarded politian. I also know that after I was implanted to truth came out which caused trouble between the doctor (acting on behalf of Freemasonry) and the instructor. This was followed a phone call between the instructor and the doctor which was recorded and sent to the media... for some reason? Having me implanted can only be described as an adverse move of denial. The instructor seems to have kept the momentum going ever since.

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