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Was Ivins always crazy or did THEY drive him crazy over the course of many years after accusing him of the Anthrax release knowing full well THEY would either kill him or he would suicide before the case was brought to trial.

They could then close the books on this horrendous crime and portray him as an insane person, which would make all of us believe that naturally this lunatic was responsible for the release of the ANTHRAX.

So, when did his CRAZY behavior begin?

After the Anthrax release or was this man working for the NAVY with deadly weapons for a very long period of time in the state of mind which caused his THERAPIST to seek a restraining order against him.

Was he ever hospitalized prior to the Anthrax release because he was a threat to himself and others?

Was he seeing a therapist before the Anthrax release?

I don't know whether Ivins was guilty or innocent.

I don't know whether he was crazy or not.

None of us do.

Unfortunately, as per usual, another suicide.

Tape excerpts of Ivins restraining order request - Evening Sun

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