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Default Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

Anyway, I reject all Judeo-Christian religions as childish and manipulative rubbish that are contradicted by science. Religions such as Asatru, Buddhism or Vedanta Hinduism are far more advanced and far more in line with both science and the ways of nature.
I find your statement offensive.Iam sure if i was to state the same about your favoured Eastern religions you would take offense therefore your response is no better than the previous poster. I also find your statement on science being in line with nature very contradictory.There are very few examples with the exception of solar power and wind power(present mainstrean scientific dogma supports pro nuclear power) where modern science is in line with mother nature. On the whole science attempts to dominate nature and alter nature to mans design for rationalist materialistic approach towards material wealth which mainstream science deems progress. We are not having a an environmental crisis for no reason it due to this bogus and flawed over rationalist attitude which is one dimensional and pretty dumb in my view. Still I fail to see what this has to do with your interest in eastern religion maybe youve fallen head long for the bubble gum New age movement thus a guru in your own mind and another useful pawn in the NWO.
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