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Cool Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

I would say that those non believers are as dumb as us non traditionalists. That was a childish question ehh? You insinuate you are an expert on my faith(calling me dumb, or not enlightened) and that faith in God is childish, and the honesty of the matter here is that come Judgement day(which i believe will happen without a doubt), the offenders like you will be smitten by the promise that we bear in our faith . I do believe you will get yours in due time. Though I am not christian...i am not a "supposed Traditional fool".

Now look back through your posts and figure where you offended every one first. And I recant what i said about non believers. I meant non believing traditionalists are diumbasses that insinuate the rest of us Believers are un-enlightened. Even I know, your purpose may be for naught, and that is a universal truth tommorrow as much as today. Telling me I am not enlightened because of your interpretation of faith? Dont be so offended about the 'dumbass' thing. It was not meant to offend any one , rather just single you out like you did to the rest of us. if you are insinuating the exact same thing there slick, why ya so bothered? I care less what you think. I only know you are a jerk and a know it all that is rude and insensitive to HUMAN reality. reality dont know it all. Whatever you say pal!
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