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Now that Ivins is dead and unable to defend himself, the government will present to the public all of the evidence they have against him that suggests, without a doubt, he was the perpetrator of the Anthrax mailings.

Convenient, isn't it?

Again, I don't know if the man was guilty or innocent.

This is how they operate.

We've seen it many times before.

Could be Ivins was guilty and decided to kill himself.

Could be he was innocent; they drove him crazy and he killed himself because he knew they needed a scapegoat and were going to nail him no matter what.

They were going to seek the death penalty when the case went to trial.

Could be they drove him crazy; killed him and made it look like a suicide so that after his death, they could present the evidence of his mental instability which would lead us all to believe that he was crazy enough to be the Anthrax mailer and commit suicide, as well.

This, because their fingerprints are all over the scene of the crime and they're protecting the real Anthrax mailer.

Why did this other scientist who was first accused receive such a large amount of money?

Was it a pay-off?

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