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ah, don't worry. bambam will be back. . . they always come back.

I just hate people who bitch about the result without considering the source. bambam just wanted the material down, and was not worried about the truth.

but mark my words, bambam will be back. and (s)he will take a bit longer to get to. The squeamish always are.

The skin on this one needs to be toughened, is all. Think of it as tough love . . . the truth is best delivered blunt . . . I had to take maddening psychology courses in order to do my former job . . . that's why I was able to pit the profile. Once bambam thinks about it a while, and realizes that (s)he does realize that (s)he DOES have a right to be 'ugly' without feeling ashamed, and have the right to be overweight without being ashamed, and the fact that the MEDIA made him/her what (s)he is . . . and that the damage CAN be undone . . . (s)he will most CERTAINLY be back.

bambam . . . sorry for cutting in on you, but you need to see things as they are. You have a right to be AS YOU ARE! But until you learn to accept the truth of whats going on in the world . . . (and you CAN be upset about it . . . but you cannot ask it to be censored, because the TRUTH needs to be known . . .) you're going to be ignorant.

Its okay to be ignorant, but its a sit to REMAIN ignorant. Now that you know the truth on something . . . and if you want to HIDE that truth so you can go back to this ignorant state . . . that is also a sin.

Rethink your position. And rethink my post . . . you should be PROUD to say you are the way you are, NO MATTER WHAT.

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