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Default Re: Is Harry Potter Initiating Children Into Magic, Wicca, Witchcraft & Satanism?

Excellent post ! ! ! !

Originally Posted by EyesOnly View Post
Alright i hate these people that come forward and link together things.
All these years they say, "kids don't read enough"
so what happens???
kids finally get a book they love and these people are pissed at the material!!!
theres no pleaseing these people!!!

and that little girl on the video less than half way in she says she wants to make a horrible spell so that the revenge can start...and they blame the book?!?!?!
maybe she wants revenge because our schools have become warzzones and kids don't feel safe anymore...

and with this same sense in mind can't i blame the bible or the Passion of the Christ for making me want to crucify people???
can't i blame the Crusades for making me want to go and kill millions of people just cause of the way they think???

All i'm saying is these things have nothing to do with each other...
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