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Default Re: Hi I'm a writer about the occult and conspiracies!

Originally Posted by tracyrtwyman View Post
If America was created by Freemasons, whom you consider to be anti-Christian, than how is America Christian?
The masses have always been ruled by a minority ruling class of which its individuals exchanged power only with others from the same ruling class. For centuries, this class consisted of arristocrats. Between 1750 and 1950, however, a part of the bourgeois elite graduately took more and more power away from the arristocrats to put into their own hands, using both violent (eg. revolutions and assassinations) and peaceful (eg. legislation and lobbying) methods. These people were mostly Jews or freemasons and controlled various organisations for that purpose. Now they're pretty much in control of Western-Europe, Israel and non-European Anglo-Saxon countries otherwise known as the Western world.
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