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Default Re: The Talmud what a Lovely Book!

Originally Posted by alisonbridge View Post
Talmud is online and easy to check:
The Talmud
From that website :
Rodkinsons' ten-book edition, the only extensive one currently in the public domain, contains complete translations of the 'Festivals' and 'Jurisprudence' sections of the Talmud. Rodkinson only finished about a third of the Talmud. All ten volumes were prepared at Sacred-texts and are available here in their entirety.

It's almost impossible to find an unabrigded English translation of the Talmud and whenever you find one Jews usually label it as a forgery.

Nevertheless, it is hard to deny that Judaism has traditionally been very anti-gentile. Even if all those Talmud quotes are false, there is still enough Jewish writing available (including the Torah) that prove a powerful anti-gentile bias among Jews.
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