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Originally Posted by avictim View Post
Itís not that easy. Our main health service in the U.K is the NHS and it was a doctor working for them who was instructed to put it there in the first place. The county I live in is corrupted with freemasonry, they have high positions in all the authorities. The only time I would speak to a doctor about this is when I have proof. I canít just go to my doctor and say Iím a victim of a biochip implant and ask for an x-ray, they would think Iím mad. Someone along the line would be informed and I would be playing into straight into their hands. Have you ever spoken to anyone whoís fallen victim to this kind of thing before?
You say the only time you would speak to a doctor about the chip is when you have proof.

Seems you have proof.

You've stated that you were hospitalized and the doctor working for NHS was instructed to put it there.

How do you know he was instructed and by whom was he instructed?

Hey, look, you're the one who is chipped and if you want it removed, who cares if they think you're MAD.

How is this playing into their hands?

I'm certain YOU don't have anything on them that is going to take them down.

Go to your doctor and as you've told us tell him the doctor who operated on you was instructed to chip you.

If they surgically put it there, it can surgically be removed.

I really don't believe that every doctor in the UK is corrupt.
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