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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
What circumstantial evidence is stacked upon you and for what?

Did you commit a crime?

You believe the NHS is associated with your implanting because there is a cut behind your right ear.


A cut behind your right ear implicates the NHS. Is this their speciality?

NHS is a FREEMASONRY institution that cuts people behind their right ears and implants chips?

Why did a doctor visit your house?

Never heard of such a thing in present times.

Why were you hospitalized?

You still haven't answered that question.

How did you discover this doctor was involved with Freemasonry and instructed to implant you?

What false pretenses and what scumbag caused you to be hospitalized and chipped?

What high profile people are involved?

You have the chip and you want it removed.

Seems quite simple to me.

Freemasonry doesn't equal CHIPPING.

I feel like we are slightly going over old ground here. The answers to a lot of your latest questions are in my initial post. I know it doesnít make nice reading but I suggest you go read it again. Now, far as the circumstantial evidence I have, Iím not about to tell everyone about it, got to leave a few things in reserve, but I will tell you this... I did not commit a crime and I donít deserve to be going through this. In my opinion you appear to be speaking out and protecting freemasonry, maybe Iím wrong but who cares.

Is there anyone else on this board that would be good enough to share their opinion about this situation?
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